Section 15: Macro Views of the Beauty of Natural Areas and Strategies for Sustainability

  • What is sustainable development?
  • Benefits of plant biodiversity
  • Benchmarks for more careful stewardship of environment
  • Artistic descriptions of particular natural sites

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Key to media: O: Online (Adobe pdf); D: Document; V: Video

Author/Publisher Title Media # Date Size
Bishop, Gordon Gems of New Jersey (published by the Star-Ledger) (bound book; includes sections on lakes, parks, rivers and wildlife) D 15.1050 1985 372 pp.
Cawley, James and Margaret Exploring the Little Rivers of New Jersey(includes Passaic River) (hardcover book) D 15.1100 1961 169 pp.
Dann, Kevin, and Miller, Gordon 30 Walks in New Jersey D 15.1110 1983 243 pp.
Fund for New Jersey A Green Plan For New Jersey — The Environmental Agenda (2nd edition) D 15.1200 1997
Great Swamp Watershed Association Great Swamp: A Place For All Seasons (booklet) D 15.1225 ~1980s 18 pp.
Hiscano, Dwight New Jersey: The Natural State (a photo album of nature scenes) D 15.1250 2000 113 pp.
Leopold, Aldo A Sand County Almanac (literary treatment of the environment in a particular location through a calendar year — month-by-month; the author is a naturalist, conservationist and artist) (paperback book) D 15.1300 1949 228 pp.
McKibben, Bill The End of Nature (hardcover book) D 15.1400 1989 226 pp.
Mitchell, Alison E. The New Jersey Highlands: Treasures At Risk(published by the NJ Conservation Foundation) (survey of water resources, open space, population, etc.) D 15.1450 1992 152 pp.
NJ Dept. of Environmental Protection The Common Wealth of New Jersey — Outdoor Recreation Resources Plan Summary (pamphlet) D 15.1475 1989 32 pp.
New Jersey Future Sustainable State Project Report — Living With the Future of New Jersey in Mind D 15.1500 1999
64 pp.
New Jersey Future Living with the Future in Mind — Goals and Indicators for New Jersey’s Quality of Life (1999 Sustainable State Project Report) D 15.1600 1999 64 pp.
New Jersey Outdoors (magazine) Great Swamp: It’s Not Just Mud (article by Blaine Rothauser; includes animal and bird photos by Blaine) (2 copies) D 15.1700 2001
6 pp.
North American Wildlife Foundation The Great Swamp D 15.1750 ~1980s 36 pp.
Northwest Earth Institute Discussion Course on Choices for Sustainable Living (ecological principles, sustainable communities) D 15.1800 2000 ~100 pp.
Richman, Steven M. The Great Swamp — New Jersey’s Treasure (many excellent color photographs) D 15.1950 2008 112 pp.
Taylor, Frank H., & Son, Inc. The Great Swamp: The New National Wildlife Refuge (prepared and printed as a public service by an East Orange, N.J., printing firm) D 15.1955 1967 11 pp.
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency The State of the Environment — 1998 (NJ, NY, PR, US Virgin islands) (2 copies) D 15.1960 1998 41 pp.
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10 pp.
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge (3 copies) (pamphlet) D 15.1980 1990
10 pp.
Wilson, Edward O. The Future of Life (hardcover book) D 15.2000 2002 230 pp.
WorldWatch Institute Report Progress Toward a Sustainable Society D 15.2100 1999 259 pp.

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