Section 12: Urban Planning and Urban Sprawl

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Author/Publisher Title Media # Date Size
ANJEC (Association of NJ Environmental Commissions) Final Report on the Study of Sewer Right-of-Way Construction at James Andrews Park in Randolph Township, Morris County, NJ D 12.1000 1999 38 pp.
Benfield, Raimi and Chen (National Resources Defense Council, Surface Transportation Policy Project) Once There Were Green Fields — How Urban Sprawl is Undermining America’s Environment, Economy and Social Fabric (paperbound book) D 12.1100 1999 215 pp.
Center For Watershed Protection Site Planning for Urban Stream Protection (2 copies) D 12.1200 1995
232 pp.
The Conservation Fund Balancing Nature and Commerce in Gateway Communities (how to preserve the character and landscapes without sacrificing local economic well-being) (paperbound book) D 12.1300 1997 165 pp.
Great Swamp Watershed Association Design Study of the Future of the Hickory Tree Center, Township of Chatham, NJ (3 copies) D 12.1400 1988 39 pp.
Great Swamp Watershed Association Designing Our Future — Regional Development Alternatives For the Great Swamp Watershed D 12.1450 1992
Honachefsky, William B. Ecologically-Based Municipal Land Use (hardcover book) D 12.1500 1999 256 pp.
Howe, Jim, Ed McMahon & Luther Propst Balancing Nature and Commerce in Gateway Communities (lessons in how to preserve the character and integrity of communities and landscapes without sacrificing local economic well-being (paperback book) D 12.1510 1997 165 pp.
Listokin, David and Carole Baker Model Subdivision and Site Plan Ordinance D 12.1600 1987
418 pp.
Nelessen, Anton Clarence Visions For A New American Dream (Process, principles and an ordinance to plan and design small communities) D 12.1700 1993 374 pp.
Nelessen Assoc., Inc. Designing Our Future — Regional Development Alternatives for the Great Swamp Watershed (Discussion of “build-out” implications for environment of the Great Swamp, and planning suggestions) (printed by GSWA) (5 copies) D 12.1750 1992
80 pp.
NJ Dept. of Community Affairs Designing New Jersey (urban planning) (2 copies) D 12.1800 early 1990s 80 pp.
NJ Office of the Governor (Press Release) McGreevey Creates Smart Growth Policy Council (“panel will reduce sprawl and promote sound planning”) D 12.1850 2002
Jan 31
7 pp.
Peele, Stanton The Meaning of Smart Growth for Developments That Violate the SDRP — The Proposed CCRC at St. Mary’s Abby (sewer and land use issues relating to proposed retirement housing development on Abby property) D 12.1900 2003
May 28
10 pp.
Regional Plan Association Tools and Strategies Protecting the Landscape and Shaping Growth (The Open Space Imperative #3) D 12.2000 1990
40 pp.
Stony Brook Millstone Watershed Association Land Use Planning Seminar (notebook of case studies and model techniques to improve land use zoning & planning, and to incorporate the preservation of natural resources into municipal planning) (4 copies) D 12.2100 2001
Jan 29-30
200+ pp.
Sullivan, Robert The Meadowlands — Wilderness Adventures at the Edge of the City D 12.2150 1998 220 pp.
US Environmental Protection Agency Pollution Prevention in the Federal Government: Guide for Developing Pollution Prevention Strategies for Executive Order 12856 and Beyond (toxic chemicals, energy and water use, solid waste and recycling) (paperbound book) D 12.2200 1994
48 pp. + appendices