Section 11: Greenways and Community “Open Space”

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Author/Publisher Title Media # Date Size
American Greenways Program Fact Sheets a.) What is a Greenway? b.) Economic Benefits. c.) Property Owner and Tenant Concerns. d.) Crime and Vandalism. e.) Bicycle Paths and Greenways D 11.1000 mid-1990s
ANJEC (Association of NJ Environmental Commissions) A Local Government Guide for Greenway and Open Space Planning (2 copies) D 11.1100 1989 57 pp.
Arendt, Randall G. Conservation Design for Subdivisions — A Practical Guide to Creating Open Space Networks (advantages of “conservation design,” model ordinance provisions) (paperbound booklet) D 11.1200 1996 183 pp.
The Conservation Fund Greenways — A Guide to Planning, Design and Development D 11.1300 1993 351 pp.
Hamilton, Leonard The Benefits of Open Space (bound booklet) (published by GSWA) (16 copies) D 11.1400 1997 135 pp.
Harding Land Trust Open Space and Natural Places of Harding Township (pamphlet promoting open space funding and support in Harding Township) (two copies) D 11.1500 ~2000 19 pp.
Harding Land Trust, Eleventh Annual Meeting Economic Benefits of Development vs. Open Space (presentation by Emile Devito, “Fencing Out/Fencing In: How can we restore our native forest?” and other papers using “GOZ” software (“Goal-Oriented Software for Planning Land Use”); this is a Goal-oriented zoning model) D 11.1510 2002
May 23
Harding Township Environmental Commission Greenway and Open Space Plan for Harding Township D 11.1520 1991
41 pp.
Labaree, Jonathan How Greenways Work — A Handbook on Ecology (2nd edition; Sponsored by the U.S. National Park Service and the Atlantic Center for the Environment) D 11.1550 1992 50 pp.
Landscape & Urban Planning Journal Greenways and the Making of Urban Form (reprint of Journal article) (3 copies) D 11.1600 1995 46 pp.
Little, Charles E. Greenways For America (history and application of the Greenways movement throughout the US) (hardcover book) (2 copies) D 11.1625 1990 237 pp.
Monmouth Conservation Foundation Saving Land In Your Community (info on Green Acres Program and other land trust organizations) (booklet) (2 copies) D 11.1650 ~late 1990s ~50 pp.
Morris County Open Space & Farmland Preservation Trust Fund Committee Status Report 1994 – 1998 (site-by-site funded projects described) D 11.1670 1999 80 pp.
NJ Dept. of Environmental Protection Local Government Open Space Funding Programs in New Jersey (Green Acres Program survey) (3 copies) D 11.1700 1998
33 pp.
NJ Dept. of Environmental Protection Local Government Open Space Funding Programs in New Jersey (Green Acres Program) D 11.1800 1997
Parrish, Karen and Anthony Walmsley Saving Space — The Great Swamp Watershed Greenway and Open Space Plan (printed by GSWA) (4 copies) D 11.1900 1997 104 pp.
Regional Plan Association The Open Space Imperative (Guiding principles for green spaces greenways) D 11.1920 1987 15 pp.
Regional Plan Association Tools and Strategies — Protecting the Landscape and Shaping Growth — The Open Space Imperative #3 D 11.1930 1990
40 pp.
US Environmental Protection Agency The Public Benefits of Cleaned Water: Emerging Greenway Opportunities (overview of Greenway uses for cleaning water) D 11.1950 1977
32 pp.
Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, Princeton University The Race For Open Space: The Politics and Economics of State Open Space Programs D 11.2000 2006 87 pp.

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