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State of the Streams in the Great Swamp Watershed (April 2013)

An analysis of past water quality data collected in Great Swamp watershed streams by GSWA and previously by the Ten Towns Committee. Data has been analyzed for trends to see what the health of our streams is now compared to the past. The final report is available for download as a PDF document.

Water Quality Publications

Here you will find links to all of GSWA’s publications on water quality.

The GSWA Teacher’s Resource Guide

This Teacher’s Guide to the Great Swamp Watershed is available here in HTML format. If you would like to obtain a hard copy of the Guide, please contact the GSWA office at 973.966.1900 for your free copy.

Be Heard!

Learn to become an effective advocate for improvement in your community. Prepared to accompany GSWA’s Citizen Advocacy Program workshops, this booklet is available here as a pdf.

Book and Video on Blue-Green Technologies

Blue-Green Technologies: Integrated Practices to Manage Stormwater as an Asset is now available from Great Swamp Watershed Association. The handbook is ideal for professional engineers, land use experts, and landscape architects. It was developed as a companion to the Watershed Association’s most recent video, Doing Water Right: Managing Stormwater with Blue-Green Technology.

Blue-green technologies are environmentally friendly ways to handle stormwater runoff, which is a principal contributor to water pollution, both in the Great Swamp watershed and across the country. The conventional way of dealing with stormwater is to channel it as quickly as possible, via gutters and culverts, to nearby waterways or wetlands. When this method is applied in developed areas, it carries large amounts of chemicals from roads and lawns into local streams.

Saving Streamways

Saving StreamwaysOur Saving Streamways brochure offers local residents a variety of information on how to protect the waterways that nourish and sustain the Great Swamp.

Benefits of Open Space

Benefits of Open Space is a collection of essays by noted conservationists from a variety of backgrounds discussing the value of open spaces from biological, economic, and psychological points of view.