Volunteering at the CMA

Corporate Workdays

Corporate volunteer groupThe Great Swamp Watershed Association greatly appreciates the help of corporations, whose volunteers have assisted in the removal of invasive species, the construction of trails, and the planting of native species. Not only is this an effective way to improve the watershed and volunteer time to a great cause, but it also provides a fun bonding experience between the workers. If you are a corporation interested in volunteering with us, please contact Hazel England, Director of Outreach and Education, at hazele@greatswamp.org) or download our corporate volunteering information leaflet (pdf).

Individual Volunteers

The GSWA is always looking for individuals to volunteer their time for the protection and improvement of the Great Swamp Watershed. There is a large variety of volunteer opportunities, so whether you like to get wet and dirty or stay clean and dry inside, we would appreciate your time. Learn more at our volunteer page. Please send an email to volunteer@greatswamp.org if you would like to become a volunteer!

Eagle Scouts

If you are serious about working with the Great Swamp Watershed Association to complete an Eagle Scout Project, please contact our volunteer coordinator at volunteer@greatswamp.org.

Here are some samples of past projects:

Habitat creation

New bridge


Community Organizations

Teaching using watershed modelPart of the Great Swamp Watershed Association’s goal is to provide educational information about the watershed and its importance to the community, including ways in which people people during their everyday actions can help improve the watershed. If you are interested in getting involved in the projects of the GSWA and to learn more about the watershed, or to schedule an educational tour of our Conservation Management Area, please email hazele@greatswamp.org.

Please send an email to volunteer@greatswamp.org if you would like to volunteer!