The Watershed

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The Great Swamp Watershed is a 55-square-mile region in Morris and Somerset Counties of the state of New Jersey, and includes portions of ten different towns.

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Area map of the Great Swamp Watershed

Area map of the Great Swamp Watershed. Click to view larger.

The large south-central green/gray shaded area is the Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge. Note that this protected area is only a small portion of the total watershed!

A watershed is a geographical area all of whose streams flow into a single body of water. A watershed contains not only preserved land areas, such as the Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge, but also the land upon which we build our homes, schools, businesses, roads, parking lots, and more. Through everyday activities such as fertilizing lawns, driving, walking pets, and improperly disposing of wastes (litter), pollutants accumulate on the land surface. When it rains, those pollutants are then washed directly into the closest stream, or indirectly through storm drains. Thus, in order to protect our water resources, we must also protect our land resources.

The Great Swamp watershed covers nearly 35,000 acres or 55 square miles, and is located within portions of ten different towns and two counties. The towns range from the heavily-developed regional center of Morristown, to the suburban towns of Chatham, Bernards, Long Hill, Morris Township, and Madison, to the more rural towns of Bernardsville, Harding and the Mendhams (Borough and Township).



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