Upcoming Events

Registration: Unless otherwise noted, registration is strongly suggested for all educational programming. Please register by clicking the green Tickets button on the detail page (click the Read More button at the end of the description to get to the detail page) for the event you want to attend.

Donations: Unless otherwise noted, current GSWA members may participate free of charge and non-members are asked to make a voluntary donation of $10/adult and $5/child (6 to 17 years). Families of 4 or more are asked to contribute $35 for the group. There is no suggested donation amount for children ages 5 and under. Please refer to the event descriptions for any exceptions.

How to prepare: When attending an outdoor program, please dress appropriately for the weather. Conditions may be wet, muddy, hot, or cold. Long pants and sturdy shoes or hiking boots are strongly recommended for most hikes and walks.

If applicable, please feel free to bring your own water in a reusable water bottle, and your own snacks. Binoculars and field guides are welcome as conditions permit their use.

You are welcome to bring a flashlight to nighttime outdoor events, but please turn them off when requested.


Stream Assessment & Macroinvertebrate Training
May 21 @ 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm

If you are interested in becoming a stream monitoring volunteer or just learning more about stream health, this is the training for you! An indoor classroom session helps you learn how to conduct visual and biological stream assessments, and recognize environmental factors that may impact stream health. An outdoor session helps you practice your new-found skills, visually assessing streams and collecting and identifying macroinvertebrates at a local stream site. Afterwards, you will be a fully trained stream assessment volunteer and ready to conduct a new assessment this fall! This training will be conducted in conjunction with the AmeriCorps New Jersey Watershed Ambassador Program. Registration required. Register online or call (973) 538-3500.

Invasive Plant Identification Workshop
May 22 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

What makes a weed a weed?   How can you tell your oriental bittersweet from your Japanese barberry and why should you care that you can?  Invasive plants are spreading in our forests and open spaces, and harm the environment as they reduce biodiversity and resources for native wildlife.  New Jersey spends millions in labor and resources to remove invasives each year. Join us for this informative, hands on session on how to identify New Jersey’s top ten least wanted, as we learn from the plants themselves to know both terrestrial and aquatic invasive plants and appropriate native replacements.   You’ll never look at burning bush in the same way again! Registration required. Register online or by calling 973-538-3500.

This program is being run in conjunction with Morris County Park System’s Great Swamp Outdoor Education Center and the Americorps Watershed Ambassador.